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Default My first re-buy experience (long and possibly inane)

... or how I wasted almost 3 hours and $10 in 175 hands.

I've been having crappy luck at the SNG tables over the last couple weeks, so for kicks tonight, I entered a WCOOP satellite on Stars, 5.50 + rebuys (it was a satellite to their 215 + rebuys main event).

Did reasonably well the first hour, didn't have to re-buy, but as the hour came to a close, I did find myself short-stacked (under 1100). I was thinking about rebuying right before the break, but got lucky and tripled up when I pushed in with KJo and rivered a straight. So no rebuy this time.

Then, I was debating mentally whether to take the add-on, when, on the last hand before the first hour break, I get dealt AA in middle position. Thinking 'no guts, no glory', I pushed my stack (about 3600) and got called by 2 people (one had fewer chips). Against 88 and AQ my hand held up, and suddenly I was over 9000 in chips.

Taking the add-on thus became a no-brainer and gave me a top 15 stack at the break (uncharted territory for me at Stars).

I stayed in the top 30 for the next hour and a half, watching the field dwindle and thinking I might have an outside shot at landing a seat (9 seats awarded). Unfortunately, I didn't have many good hands after the aces, and the stack slowly crumbled. I picked up a few pots along the way (including a hand where I pushed all-in with AJo!) but it was a losing battle.

Final hand, I pushed my stack (about 9500) in with QQ, got called by one of the chip leaders, who had A9 suited. He flops an ace and I'm out.

Finished 20th out of 142.

All in all, a very interesting side trip. But not one I'm likely to repeat anytime soon, even given my own (above-average) performance in this one.

But you re-buy fans I think would do quite well, if you've got 3-4 hours to kill. ;)
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