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Default my friends suck at poker

I was playing poker tonight with some old friends from high school(the kids I started playing with, but no one advanced much). We played a 5 person tourney. One guy busted out, and I was low stack. I was dealer and I picked up Aks on button. With 8x BB and the limper before me, I didnt think I had any other move but all in. The kid to my left in SB imediatly reaches for his chips, counts them out, pushes them in. The other two players(the better players) fold.

I felt confident in my hand, I figured he had Ax, Kx, or PP with that quick of a call. I flip it over, he yells "Oh shit" and I see the most surprised look on his face. The I cant believe you have me beat suprised look. He flips over 82s of my suit. Before I got the chance to laugh at him, my two other buddies scolded him. His defense was he thought I was bluffing. I guess he wasnt smart enough to know it was the 2nd hand I'd played all night, and the other was trip 4's. The thing I dont get is this kid is smart, he goes to a good school, and we played poker for 2 years in high school. How could he not pick up on the simple fact that you dont call an all in from the best player at the table with 82s.

Needless to say he flopped an 8 and I was out of the tournement getting laughed at.

As a summer job, I;ve been picking up some dough playing poker, and this 82 kid has been the one most against it. He has said I'm not that good, I'm just gonna lose money. Well more than once have i showed him the roll of cash from one nights playing that is more than his 2 week paycheck.

Yet still, on his way out, he says to me that he beat me and I;m the one playing all this poker. But the simple fact remains, its because of ignorant players like this, who wont learn from this clear mistake because he won this time, that I can continously turn a profit.
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Default re:

Yeah, I hear you.

I'm in a very similair situation, being an advanced thinking player amongst friends who, though willing to play, are really horrible at poker. I've noticed a few trends, and have begun categorizing the 'bad' poker players I know:

There's the ultra-tight kind. This is the guy who will fold if there's any possible hand on the board that could beat him. Sure, his Trip As may look nice, but someone else might have that straight. Better Fold. As soon as he bets, I fold.

There's the always-bet kind. This guy tries to constantly muscle the pot by being absolutely certain that there is always action on each card. He might only have that high card 6, but damned if he's gonna let the turn come out for free. This is the guy who might as well hand me his wallet before the game and save both of us some time.

There's the re-raiser. He thinks that if he-raises anyone else, they have to fold. Ditto the wallet idea of the always-better.

And then there's the infamous always-caller. He stays in on everything. You can raise before the flop to twenty times the blind, he'll call even with that 2,7 offsuit. This is the guy to be cautious with. While about 70% of the time you're going to beat him, that 30% sure does suck. That's when you can hit Trips with a pocket pair, and he'll make a 4 card straight draw to beat you. I hate this guy.

But long story short.. don't play in tournaments with people who suck. Instead opt for sit-and-go games with money down = money in chips. You can walk when you're up, or buy back in after a bad beat. They aren't thinking like most of us think, they're playing their cards. They don't think about what you might have, or what they're statistics are.
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Yup, i know. These are my high school buds, its not very competitive, I make more money online and that is what i focus on. Ive come to expect bad play.

But the best was the priceless look on his face when he realized he was beat. I cant even describe it.
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