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Default nice read

I've been staying away from single table sng's recently in favor of the two table variety at stars. I find that if I can survive to the top 5 or 6, I win about 75% of the time. These tournies allow players time to form opinions about other's play. Being that until the final 4 or 5 I am extremely tight/aggressive as well as tricky, my opponents get scared of me. That sounds a little arrogant, but it's true. I've been getting better at sensing where I am in a hand and it seems to show others at the table when I call down a pot and win with a low pair against two high cards. Because of this I can switch my tactic to very loose/agressive/tricky and pick up a lot of large pots and blinds towards the end. So. Anyways...

I'm down to the last two and we're about equal in chips. We battle for a little while until I take a large pot and a 2 to 1 chip lead. He battles back until the following hand. This guy rarely raised my big blind, tending to call or fold. He was mostly getting his share of chips by reraising my small blind raise and getting me to muck. So when he finally did raise my big blind, I knew I was behind with only a 95s but decided to take a shot with it because the guy only doubled my bb. Flop came 225. I check to him, and predictably, he raises the min. The only hand I'm scared of right now is 66-99 because I feel he would have raised more with TT-AA, I figure he has AT-AQ. I check raise him the size of the pot and he smooth calls. I'm loving this call because if he had me beat now I know he would have gone all-in. The turn comes a 6 and I go all in, he calls with AJs and catches no help. I think he put me on a tricky bluff considering the board on the flop. Maybe he felt his ace was good. It's very fulfilling to make a read like this.
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Indeed, nice read. I find heads up (or very short handed) difficult unless I am in the zone. I love that feeling once you start to pick out certain moves by players. Its kinda like the matrix!
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