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Default Look at this one lol

1488 Limit Hold'em Biolxi, MS President Casino

I'm on the button w/ AKos
check/calls all the way to me.
I raise pre-flop, 1caller, 1re-raise
caller is a fish, re-raiser is a decient player on a major tilt
I call, other player calls
FLOP 4s 7h Kd
re-raiser bets at me, I raise both players call. (this is when I knew he didn't have KK)
Turn 7d
he bets at me. I raise both players call.
River 4c
check all the way to me, and I checked also

Fish: QJ os or some bs like that
agressor: JJ
That my friends is how weak these tables were all night long

I grossed $130-$140
netted $110
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