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Default A chip and a chair.

I finished 3rd in my 10-seat SnG last night. No biggie in general. I figure any money is nothing to be too sad about. But I came back from a stack of 55 chips in the BB with 6 players left do it. <pats self on back>

With 6 people left I was in a hand with K-Qs in the pocket and ended up calling another guy's all-in with top two pair against his first & third pair. He rivered a 9 for the full boat (side note: that's happening to me a lot lately ).

I was left with 55 chips, and I owed 40 into the BB for the next hand. Of course, I went all-in with A-3s (not a bad hand to be forced all-in on...). It held up through four callers, and I quintupled up!

Fast forward through (IMHO! ) some very canny play and several all-ins that were mostly folded but occasionally called, and I found myself in 2nd place. Chip stacks were about 1500-1500-7000, so I was really thinking of just surviving to 2nd place before I'd think of winning. I ended up forced to fold when a scare card hit and lost about 1000 chips, though, and then went all-in with A-Q suited and got killed by a pocket pair.

Nonetheless, a moral victory.

The subject line says it all. What you need in NL is a chip and a chair. Nothing else. Never give up.

P.S. The guy who won was the same one who took me down with the full house earlier. Hopefully that will encourage him to call me next time when he's got first & third pairs, too .

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Yup, never give up. Dan Harrington was all in several times this year when the wsop field was around 100 and he came back to get 4th.

I did that once in a sng and I came back all the way to win it. I had around 30-50 chips when it was 4 handed and the others had an even distribution of the other 13450 chips. The cards absolutely hit me in the face for 2 straight rounds. I either had an ace with a good kicker or a decent pocket pair.
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