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Default How can the dealer screw up your tournament?

Hi everyone,

I am brand new on poker and on this forum as well. I just start playing poker for a year, but I love this game Man. This site is a great site too.
Here is my story of how the dealer and the director of the tourenament can screw you that I would like to share and seek advice to avoid this.
I love this game so much that even just learning playing for a year, I decided heading to Vegas for the Showdown in Mirage tour.
Luckily I win the super sattlite tournament from $50 entry for the $10,000 entry tournament.
On the $10,000 NL tournament thing is going good for me on first 3-4 hrs. Then on a hand that I have pocket KK on mid-position so I decide to slow play and just call. But everyone was dropping out until the big blind who raise to 2000 from 250( or 350 bigblind not remember exactly).
I have the impression of this guy bluffing and would like to check out so I reraise to 4000. He flatly call.
At that time, I told myselfef. he got something here. Then the flop come out as: A 3 8 ( no same suite pair ), the guy quickly putting half of his stack in ( I think around 10000 ) as soon as the flops hit the table.
Come on this is a real big bluff here. That was my thought, he can not have A in his hand but I put him with pair of QQ or JJ or T or some kind of small pair and He can not have hit the trip because my reraise on the last hand he would check if he hit his card. But I don't want to see him to hit it in the turn or river. So I am all-in.
As I am saying I am all-in. The guy quickly stand up and throw the pair of JJ on the table WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING, the chip is not push in as well.
The dealer is a girl around 20 years old or less. As the guy standing up and turn over the JJ the dealer deal the turn and it is Jack .....
Thing is happening so fast that I could not stop her before she deal it. By then I told her to stop and told her that it is a fold the guy did not saying any thing that's a fold.
The tour director was called in, she explained to him that she heard the guy said Call. I told her and the director that let's ask every player seating around the guy to see if any of them heard the Call.
The director refused to ask the players and all of them said they did not hear anything. Thing was happenning so fast that they did not hear his Call.
Can you believe that? The director is refusing to consul the other players for the correct decision. He said that is the final decision. I was so mad that I told the guy that : "you guys do not know how to run a big tournament" again he said casino decision is the final decision and so frustrated that I told him " you guys are a bundle of As" and told him to remove the dealer from my table which the guy did...... this probably after he realized that he has make a mistake.
So that really cost my tournament, but I am not going to give up my game just because of that and hope that this would not happened to anyone in the future.
That's why i would like to pick the nickname: The_godfather just the way remind me that you have to play rudethless without mercy once seating down on the table. It is a war zone. Alive or Die!

We can be friend after the game is over ... ....

Good Luck everyone,

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Flop Artist
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I guess you are right, it is a war zone

That is a sticky situation for the tournament director. He has to count on working with his dealers and trusting them. Often a director can only make an overrule on a technical rule. Getting into a "he said she said" argument will rarely make sense for a tournament director. If the dealer would had admitted to not hearing a call, then he could have made an overrule on the play.

Either way it was definately a bad beat.
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