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Default My Worst Bad Beat

I bought in to a UlB point sit n go for 100 points. The blinds are 30-60 and I'm in early postion with about 800. I raise to 180 with a pair of sixes preflop and get two callers. The flop comes 7 6 7, giving me a full boat. I check the next guy bets 60 the guy after him folds and I call. The turn brings a jack and I check it again and this guy move all in on me which I then call. Then the sob turns over pocket Jacks making him a better full house. This knocks me out and I lose my cool and tell the guy way to make a two outter. Then some other guy says well thats what happens when you slow play. I get pissed of and leave. I don't think I could have played this hand any better. Even if I bet big on the flop he probally would have called with his jacks anyway. I just needed to vent my frustration
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It always sucks to get your boat sunk, but he actually had four outs. A Jack beats you (as you found out ), but a 7 would've killed you, as well. That's why I play a little careful with the under full.

I hate to tell you this, but I think, too, that you played too slowly. Checking on the flop is (IMHO) OK, because you'll likely draw a bet from a guy with an overpair (or at least overcards). But I think you've got to either play back at him instead of just calling, or be ready to throw it away when he moved in on 4th street after the overcard came out. If you played back at him and he called with his Jacks and beat you, then you at least got the money on the table while you were ahead.

That having been said, I never lose at armchair-Monday-morning poker-quarterbacking ;). I've been busted lots of times in situations just like yours, and in the moment that it's happening I just don't seem to learn.

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That's not fun, but if that's your worst bad beat ever, you're very lucky! I could go on for pages about just the 0.1% of bad beats that I still remember that are at least that bad. You've gotta' learn to handle them.

A couple of nights ago in a $1/$2 NL cash game I limped in with Aces in early position, it was raised to $6, called by a couple of people, and I reraised to $26 and got 2 callers. The flop was JTx, and although I was a little worried someone might have hit, it was checked to me and I put in the $74 I had left. The SB called with 97o and the turn and river were an 8 and a Queen.

I did get a little annoyed, especially when the guy who folded said "I knew I should have called with my AK!" I was starting to wonder if anyone at the table was sane. Anyway, I calmed down and kept playing as well as I could, and got my money back from the guy a little while later. Despite that and a couple of other bad beats (including someone rivering a set of Jacks after calling down my pair of Queens (AQ) when I was betting the whole way) I still ended the night up a couple of buyins.

The point is if you do your best not to let the bad beats affect you and you continue playing well, you should come out ahead in the end. I recently had a period where I did let it affect me, and all I could do was lose for a while even when the bad beats weren't doing it to me. Don't let the same thing happen to you.

Back to your beat though, I think there are a few things that determine whether or not this kind of beat is really bad or not.

1. Did the money go in when you were still ahead? No, you didn't even bet the flop, so even if the guy wanted to fold he wouldn't.

2. Did you start with the best hand? fact, he might be the one complaining about the 2 outer you hit if the Jack hadn't come! It seems a little less bad to me when someone outdraws another player who has already outdrawn them to get ahead in the hand.

3. Did he know he was behind? It can still be a bad beat if he didn't know, but I think it's a lot worse when someone knows they only have a couple of outs and they still call you and catch. In this case he probably thought he had the best hand the whole time.

Anyway, sorry to ruin your bad beat story (you know everyone just *loves* reading them, right? ;)), but I hope your venting or our replies help.
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