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Default Live Casino Poker for the first time

I feel like a kid who has been to Disneyland for the first time, I have so many stories!

I just had the opportunity to play some live limit poker at a Casino outside of Vancouver. I just moved back to the area so I thought I would give it a whirl and I can see what I have been missing out on. As much as I might be able to make more money playing from my computer, the experience of being at a table can be very entertaining at times. beats looking at a name or a picture when you can look then in the face.

I will say I was suprised by how loose the competition was. mind you I am playing their lowest limit being 2/4 and maybe it is cause they are crazy Canadian dollars that the action is so nuts. not uncommon to see a 60-70% avg flop. but they do have a Bad Beat jackpot which was up to $42k when I left tonight. I thought our table had won it when quad A's beat Aces full of Kings, but there were 3 Aces on the board and both players have to use both of their cards. oh well, woulda been $1k+ for me.

Well I just had to share my first live experience you all. I have been a few times now and previously won $4 on my visit. I adjust my play to such a loose game and pulled away with $60 in about 1 hours play tonight. I had to revert back to my lower limit Pacific strategy to do well.

If any of you are in the the Vancouver area you might run into me at the River Rock Casino sometime playin 2/4 or maybe 4/8.
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