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Default Boat got flushed on the river aka: "how not to play KK&

Hello Seat 6 me: ,
0/0 TexasHTGameTable (NL)
Table Dark Horse (Real Money) -- Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Seat 1: ( $26.15)
Seat 2: Seat 2: ( $27.35)
Seat 3: Seat 3: ( $23)
Seat 4: Seat 4: ( $54.90)
Seat 5: Seat 5: ( $25)
Seat 6: Seat 6 me: ( $37.25)
Seat 7: Seat 7: ( $18.10)
Seat 8: Seat 8: ( $8.55)
Seat 9: Seat 9: ( $58.40)
Seat 10: Seat 10: ( $15.25)
Seat 2: posts small blind (0.25)
Seat 3: posts big blind (0.50)
Seat 9: posts big blind (0.50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Seat 6 me: [ 5h, 3h ] – I will start by saying I have no business playing this hand. But every once in a while you have to play an off hand or it gets too predictable. Nevertheless, this hand is as much about bad pre and post flop play as much as it is about me being lucky as shit.
Seat 4: folds.
Seat 5: folds.
Seat 6 me: calls (0.50) – I limp in.
Seat 7: folds.
Seat 8: calls (0.50)
Seat 9: checks.
Seat 10: calls (0.50)
Seat 2: calls (0.25)
Seat 3: checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6h, 7d, Ks ]
Seat 2: checks.
Seat 3: checks.
Seat 6 me: checks. Well, no one is betting so I’m still around.
Seat 8: checks.
Seat 9: checks.
Seat 10: checks.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 7h ]
Seat 2: checks.
Seat 3: checks.
Seat 6 me: checks.
Seat 8: bets (0.50)
Seat 9: folds.
Seat 10: folds.
Seat 2: folds.
Seat 3: folds.
Seat 6 me: calls (0.50) why not.
** Dealing River ** : [ 4h ]
Seat 6 me: checks. – I slow play figure he must have something to bet.
Seat 8: bets (4)
Seat 6 me: : oh my god!!!!!
Seat 6 me: raises ( to 8
Seat 8: calls (3.55)
Seat 8: is all-In.
Creating Main Pot with $18.15 with Seat 8:
** Summary **
Main Pot: $18.15 | Side Pot 1: $0.45 | Rake: $0.95
Board: [ 6h 7d Ks 7h 4h ]
Seat 1: balance $26.15, sits out
Seat 2: balance $26.85, lost $0.50 (folded)
Seat 3: balance $22.50, lost $0.50 (folded)
Seat 4: balance $54.90, didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: balance $25, didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6 me: balance $46.85, bet $9, collected $18.60, net +$9.60 [ 5h 3h ] [ a straight flush, seven high -- 7h,6h,5h,4h,3h ]
Seat 7: balance $18.10, didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: balance $0, lost $8.55 [ Kc Kd ] [ a full house, Kings full of sevens -- Kc,Kd,Ks,7d,7h ]
Seat 9: balance $57.90, lost $0.50 (folded)
Seat 10: balance $14.75, lost $0.50 (folded)

First, the guy had pocket kings and limps in? Next, he flops a set and checks? Gets the boat on the turn and bets $.50?

What a way to get my first str8 flush. I imagine it won't be as easy next time. I only wish he had had more money.
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Old Sep 08, 2004, 1:59am   #2
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i personally think limping with 35h is okay (only in NL though), if you are sure no one is going to raise. cos no one will suspect you have anything that crappy . but i think slowplaying is risky. i got burnt more than my fair share slowplaying. esp with a good hand pre flop. once i had 56h and limp in preflop. flopped two pair, with flush and straight draw, so i bet pot (it was PL), i want to take it down on flop, dont want them to hit straight or flush. two people called. next card completes the flush and straight, the straight bets $3 (i dont know whether he really has it, cos he folded on the river), i know i am doomed, but i had my boat chance and i know if i hit, i make big money. so i called and so does the other guy. and river brings a 5, four flush on board. so i bet pot again (looks so much like a bluff ) and nut flushed called all-in without thinking, the supposed straight folds. (i dont think i can fold the nut flush too but...) and i took down a huge pot. moral of the story, unless you have the absolute nut, bet pot, earn less=win more in the long term.
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Bad beats can only really occur in NL when you slowplay.

As demonstrated by the poor fella who had kings.
We will die so gloriously that ever having lived will seem like folly. ~ Comeau
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