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Default My two hand rush at Full tilt

I have about 500 bucks at the 2/4 table. (I buyin for the max of 400)

In walks KK. UTG raises to 8 (min), I reraise to 20, he rereraises to 50, so I rerereraise to 200 and he calls...which I interpret as I'm ahead. Was a bit worried about AA for a second...but now I just pray for rags.

Flop comes rags. (yippee) He bets, I go allin.

He calls with AK! AK!!!! (This is why table image is important)

I avoid the Ace, and I'm up to 900, and feeling very good.

Very next hand, in walks KK again!

I limp, along with about 7 other folk. Flop comes j53. EP bets, i raise the pot (52), button reraises allin (393), i call.

*important to note that I maintain a very loose table image. I bet at just about every pot I play. So I expect smaller requirements when people make a move on me.*

Anyhoo...he turns over 53 so I'm in trouble...turn 6...river...jack. Giving me a better two pair, and another 500 bucks!

So that puts me up 900 in two hands! Not including my tourney win, i've probably only had 2 days where I made 900 total...and those were very good days playing for 5 or 6 hours.

And thats my poker story.
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Nice story! I got raped at Full Tilt. But I had a day just like that last week on Party. I made $900 at the 1/2 tables.... about 5 hours though. Cant really compete with your 10 min though.
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Just kidding. Nice hands though.
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