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Default AA laydown

Had this one last night at Empire ($0.5 - $1 Limit) at a table that was nice and calm but went crazy after this one person joined.

Delt AA mid position. Raise to $1, four callers.

Flop J 7 4 flush draw. One bet to me I raise, then I get reraised and is capped by maniac before me, five people still in the hand. OK start thinking two pair, set and or nut flush draw out there. Well then the turn is another J, maniac bets, I call, then raised, fold, call, and maniac reraises. At this point I lay down the Ace's...and pray one doesn't come on the River. Anyway these guys cap. River is a blank and two players stay in a cap the betting. Both have a J. One with AJo and the maniac with J5o...and he was upset that he didn't win! A $0.5 - $1 Limit table had a pot of like $37 I'm just happy my third Ace didn't come up on the river. My jaw was just hitting the keyboard during this least I knew to drop the hand.
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Default folded AA by mistake

I was in a $5 sng and had folded AA holecards my accident(that's what i get fer multi-tasking)...
...i was so MAD until...

KKx flops....and of course the guy showdown's His AK'z in the pocket!!

Phew...what a relief!
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