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Default Interesting night of cards....

Game was No limit hold 'em... bought in about $5... and the fun didn't stop until 3:30 am.

IT was definitely the strangest lucky night I've ever played. Within the first 2 hours, I had gotten the same pocket pair 4 times. Using 2 different decks, tbat were washed, and thoroughly shuffled everytime this happened..... I ended up hitting pocket pair of 9's 9 times over the course of the night! Using this to my advantage, I would proclaim "Damn! I got those nines again..." and people would just say "You are so full of shit". It was nice for me, because the more I told the truth, the more people would bet into me.... and in a couple cases, I'd end up hitting the trips for a large pot. I thought it was funny that it happened so many times, but at the same time it worried me... Usually good luck early in the game, results in bad luck, later in the game... So when I stopped hitting those 9's.... I was playing quite cautious..... But still making good plays... There were four people involved, and I knocked out one player, who bought in about 2 more times, and he was on tilt, so he easily lost his money rather quickly.... Then I knocked out the next player who was one of the very talkative players that you could read like a book. I would call him out on what cards he was holding sometimes before he had even opened his mouth, and then he would just fold 'em. HE bought in another 2 times as well, and quickly lost it. Finally heads up started at around 2:00am. It was me vs a tight-wad bastard. HE only plays hands that win, never bluffs, and I can always read his cards by his facial expressions. I mean come on..... a long sigh...... and a crooked confused look on his face allowed me to tell him "go ahead and fold...." and he would. but anyway..... I finally got him tied up on the last hand of the evening.

My hole cards were K/J Clubs the board flopped K-hearts, and then a couple low useless numbers unsuited... he checked, I bet into him, he would call my bet. Next card, another useless card low in number, and suits didnt matter at this point no flushes were gunna drop. Again he checks, I bet, he raises, I reraise, he calls. I thought to myself "This is definitely the final hand." The river was dealt, it was a J-Diamonds, he checked, I moved all-in...... he sat there.... he thought about it.... he started counting his chips... I said "Just say call.... and it will all be over..." so he did, he called, then cried.... He dropped down his pair of King's, only to see that I had a King, and the jack on the river..... I think I actually watched his stomach churn, and he immediately grabbed it because I thought he was about to stain himself...... All in all it was a good game, and I'm glad I was able to take out the fish in heads up before losing my mind about how slow and endless the game was going.

Over the course of the night some interesting hole cards I were dealt were:

Pocket 9's : 9 times, (No joke)
Pocket 7''s: 1 time (immediately following a pocket pair of 9's)
Pocket 10's: Just one time, but it gave me a nice set
And Big slick suited: 3 times (not that it mattered because everyone else had junk)

Hope you like my story..... I'm off to play another game with these kids tonight, we'll see what happens.
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