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Default Thank You Poker Tips: Won my first Multi !!

I am just so unbelievably happy right now and I just want to thank all of your here especially Two Gun and Mercy for this site and all of you posts.

Played in Pacific’s $5 , 623 person multi last night and won it for $716.45

There were several times in the tournament that acted directly as a result of this forum. Over the last several months I have tried my best to learn from all of you.

First was only several hands into the tournament when in SB I limp with three others with pocket 22 and get the set on the flop (J 7 other cards), but with a flush draw. I bet 3/4 pot and have two callers. Turn was a 6 I think. I bet out a pot wager and both people call me. At this point I am thinking of flush draws for them. Sure enough river come for the flush possibility. I check then 2nd person bets, and 3rd person raises. I lay down my set. And the one guy wins with pocket A high flush. Now this may have been a fairly obvious lay down but I was very proud that I could do it. Before I probably would have been crippled by this hand. Learning to play other hands now as well...

Second was not to risk my stack on a more marginal hand. Sounds easy enough but has been a problem of late as I again would get too attached to top pair marginal kicker. Again on several hands I saw that I would have been out kicked but had wisely layed down the hand.

Third , making the proper size bets at the proper times. This worked better near the end as only better players with pot odds knowledge were playing. I took a lot of pots on the flop this way.

Last was probably my final table play. I was so nervous I couldn't believe it. I entered the final table of 8 in 4th or 5th spot. I think that the two tournaments that Kazz from here has put on at Poker Stars helped here. The whole thing was about not being intimidated and to take the lead in raising and not always calling another’s bet. i.e. raise or fold. I may not have finished in the money in these two tourneys with you guys but I did take to heart the lessons that they provided to me.

Sorry for the length of the post, but I just had to share this with all of you. The most exciting 3 hours and 20 minutes of poker that I have ever played.

Thank you Poker tips
You only live once...So enjoy it while you can!

"take stock of any poor thought processes that may be causing you to lose money needlessly at the poker table." Ozone

"The main reason for me to play poker has always been to have fun and hopefully make a little cash." DK-Molinero
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Notjitsu will become famous soon enoughNotjitsu will become famous soon enough

Congrats! Nothing beats winning a tourney.
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Rock on, Kevin, congratulations!
When I cash, it's skill... but when I win, it's luck.
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Congrats Kevin, glad this site could help you!
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