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Default Tilt

SNG down to three. I had about 3K, so did the first guy, and the second guy had a little less. Then the first guy just goes nuts! For at 7 or 8 hands in a row he goes all-in preflop, and kept showing his bluff off. I was getting crap too, so I stayed out of it.

Then the other guy starts getting really mad at the first maniac and starts typing all this crap about not being able to play the game right blah, blah, blah...

Anyways, he finally call the first guy, and they both flip over junk like 83 and 92. The second guy wins, and then the first guy starts going ballistic. "how could you call my all in with 92?!?!?!" and so on.

They are both on tilt, and are betting and raising like crazy, though not all-in.

Meanwhile, I pick up KK and call their raises, they pay no attention to me, and keep yelling through the chat thing.

So I knock one guy out and the other down to about the size of the big blind, and win probably the easiest $$ ever.

If this happened in a live game, there would have probably been a fist fight withing seconds.
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It's great when a couple of players really get into it. There's nothing better than getting bullied out of a couple of hands only to slam them with a re-raise when you have a strong hand.

On another note about being on tilt

I always thought that I would never be any good at poker because I tend to get frustrated easily when things don't go my way. However, from reading these forums and really working on my control I've gotten a hold of myself. I'm starting to see that the outcome doesn't really matter if the decision is correct. When I watch guys like you just described go ballistic on one another (one usually criticizing the other for playing crappy cards) I remember that not very long ago I must have looked pretty foolish at times.
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that's wicked.
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