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Default BEWARE of True Poker!

I question your decision to allow the "True Poker" website to advertise on your web page !? The owners and operators of "True Poker" are the same group of people that (do and/or did) operate " iGames Network " and "Getacut (White Label Casinos)" and "Galaxiworld" and "GalaxiPoker.Com" and "G-Cash" and "G.Cash" and "GCash" "InfinityPoker.Com" and perhaps many others that I have not had a chance to research yet....
Their company is " Telton Ltd." and they change names often to hide their idenity.

Take a look at the following web sites that offer information about this dishonest and shameful organization.
(take a look at the following postings--> 2nd., 3rd., 4th., 5th., and so on down the page.....GCash [Telton Ltd.] is the company that owns "True Poker" and if you want to put money on any of their sites, you put money into GCash.) <<<this company is dangerous!
(read all of this page before you click on the link)(when you click on the link, it will redirect you to the Securities Commission page ,and then on that page do a word search for the word >>Banks

just some extra information here >>>>>>G-Cash. Owned and operated by Telton Limited, who's offices are in St-Kitts
&. Nevis in the Caribbean.<<<<<<<<
(and this company is still online today, cheating innocent people out of their money)

I have tried to cash out from these people for more than a month. I have read other bad press from others that cannot get their money from this site. They simply will not give me my money. I had never been impressed with their web sites and their companys and these bad report shows me WHY they will not pay me my money and WHY they have not paid MANY other people THEIR money. And they have stole MILLIONS of dollars from different banks and investors. They are NOT to be trusted, obviously

Thank you.
p.s. the following is another of their organizations
TPCR Development, SRL
Apardato 951-1260
Plaza Colonial
Costa Rica
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TruePoker CEO
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TruePoker CEO
Default Your post is complete and utter nonsense, sorry

I am the CEO, a director and shareholder of Truepoker's operation. I have been licensed in both Kahnawake and Antigua over the years on behalf of Truepoker.

I have never heard of "GCash", Telton, Ltd. or any of the other companies this fellow is writing about anonymously. Nothing he says in that regard is in any way accurate.

I have been CEO of Truepoker since it began operating in 2001 and can state that this apparent smear campaign is entirely false and made up.

One of our former customers, who we have twice sent payments to for the same $105 cash out, pops up from time to time on various forums attempting to smear our name. Altho he admitted to us he did receive the first payment, in full, he now pretends otherwise and is pursuing an apparently personal vendetta. His real complaint was that the check cashing service he uses wanted to put a hold on the original check he DID get and demanded a different one from a different bank. We sent him a cashiers check drawn on a different major bank, but never heard it was lost, stolen or strayed. (I personally obtained that second payment for him and put it in the mailer addressed to his given account address.)

(I am not interested in detailing this one-time cashout issue further, except to say that we are still waiting for anyone to return either the check he did get or the post office to return the cashier's check we next sent, if it was lost.)

As always, my email address is available for any of our customers who has a real complaint or feedback about our site or its operation.

Truepoker CEO
Feel free to email me at
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Yea this is kind a wierd. And all that AAAK guys post are about truepoker. Also, I've never seen a Truepoker advertisement on this site. And I don't see any link between Truepoker and that corrupt guy or company in the weblinks. But I don't know for sure until I really dig.
But I'm going to Costa Rica in May and if you can tell me some good places to eat and play poker, I'll be a Truepoker friend. Just Kidding...Not really
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TruePoker CEO
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TruePoker CEO
Default places to eat or play poker in Costa Rica

Where to play poker is easy: Casino Europa, in the evenings. There is really only one place which regularly spreads games. The room is 9 tables, the Casino was a Charter memeber of the World Poker Tour, and it hosts tournaments three nights per week. The players range from novices to players like Humberto Brenes, often in the same game. The games are either holdem, limit or no limit, or Onaha 8.
One of the interesting aspects is that the managers from a number of online site play ther pretty regularly: Paradise, Poker Stars, Absolute, ACR, et cetera. Also, a lot of Sportsbook owners play.

Where to eat would be much easier if you tell me where you are staying. Generally, the restaurant choices here near San Jose are excellent and really dirt cheap, this is especially true for Italian places .... (Think of Near North and cut the price in half.)
Feel free to email me at
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