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Reg Dunlop
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Reg Dunlop
Default 10,3 offsuit hand

Playing low limit again last night and get dealt a 10,3 offsuit hand on the big blind. Two callers no raisers so I get to see the flop.
Flop comes 3,3,3. Check, check, check.
Turn is a 10. I check again hoping someone has a 10. First caller bets, call, call. Still don't want to push it.
River is another 10 and I'm laughing so hard that I forget to bet and it gets checked around.
I'm holding 3,3,3,3,10,10,10
Anybody want to work the odds on that?
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Doyle Look-alike
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Well there's 3 possible boards with that combination and your hold cards and 2118760 total possible boards so odds are you're one lucky SOB.
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