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Default One of my worst bad appreciated

Was playing limit holdem (2/4) against fairly loose players and two very tight players. In early position was dealt Ah Qs, 2 players before me limped in (this table had a lot of it), so I raised the bet, it was called to the BB who reraised, so I called as did everyone but 2 players (after me, if it matters). The flop:

Qd 5c Qh

It was checked to me, and considering how loose the table was, and already having the BB raising to me, I made a bet. It was called around and the BB raised again, and so I reraised. Only the two of us were making moves the table just called.

the turn:


Once more the betting was capped, losing 3 players from the pot in the it was the button, the blinds, and myself.

the river:


I figured I had it unless the fourth queen was in the hand of the BB and he managed to flop a full house or draw to one,...the SB checked, the BB checked, I bet...the button folded the SB reraised, the BB folded,..which surprised was capped again. I turned over the A Q showing my flopped set..the SB who simply called the bets to the end, showed pocket 5's....I nearly had a heart attack. I had to leave my seat, have a smoke and come back after about ten minutes. Thankfully, when I returned I was able to cover that loss and double my bankroll for that session by the end of the night, yet that little old asian lady sitting in the SB haunted my sleep with her 5s for a week.

My lesson learned,..dont underestimate little old ladies as not being worth watching at the table LOL.
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No offense, but this isn't really a "bad beat" -- since your opponent flopped a full house and you only flopped trips. I don't think your play was too bad, though maybe you could have saved 2 bets by calling instead of raising (I think). Also, I'm a poker novice and low level Limit is so loose I think I might be allergic, lol -- however, hopefully one of the Limit vets will swing by and post a more sophisticated critique of your play.

However, congrats on doing better the rest of that session.

****EDIT: Had to change "was" to "wasn't", then back to "was" when I figured out I had it right to begin with, lol. ;x
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Had one of these in a limit tourny yesterday, except it was AKo to me, KK7 flop, two rags turn and river. One guy check called all the way to the river then check raised. I'd put him on two-pair, with good kicker, say A7s. With his river raise, I reviewed that and thought he might just have the 4th K but he had pocket 7s all along. Nothing much more can be done with that sort of hand imo, certainly not limit, though of course slow playing 7s full Ks boat, with KK on the board, does run the risk of the Kings full boat.
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