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Default Why I love and Hate pocket Aces

Two hands, same hands. First at a live casino game, was dealt the aces, flopped A 7 A....player to my left had pocket 7s...BB had KQ suited (should mention I had been hitting him hard during the game, and he seemed to be on Tilt at this point). The bets were capped at every round of betting..the turn was a 7 the river a J.....needless to say I made a killing on that hand.....

and now for the bitter defeat holding Aces....Online tounry, final table, one more player to go out before everyone was in the money. I was 4th in chips, dealt the aces and made a large raise...1 caller went all in I called, and everyone else folded....he showed K the turn he had made four of kind Kings.....

Aces...the double edged sword of poker lol...
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