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Default Watch out TEDDY!

In responce to the "Rounders is real, I'm teddy KGB" thread, here's a hand for you...

About 4 years ago I was in a $100PL game on I had about $450 in my stack when the hand started...

I made a small raise preflop with 77 in mid position and was called by 5 people...

Flop comes: J 7 7 rainbow
OMG QUADS! Its gets checked by everyone, time for some sandbagging...

Turn comes: J 7 7 A
Again it gets checked round and another free card...

River comes: J 7 7 A 3
No straight, No flush... nothing, I begin to wish I'd bet... so I bet half the pot (about $5)

everyone folds but I get re-raised to $15, Naturally I raise the pot but the pot gets raised back at me!! I'm starting to think its my birthday so I raise the pot again... this raising and re-raising continued until the other guy was all in for about $410.

He had AA.

~ Don't whine, WIN ~
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