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Default $50 on empire...

So im pretty new to net poker. Ive got the jist of it through play money on PokerStars...lost $50 on there through dumb playing...thought about it and now have bought into Empire. My only question is...where to start playing? I have $50...+ $35 once i get the required raked hands. Im just wondering where i should start playing to get those raked hands...any ideas?
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Play for the lowest stakes you can, unless you want to rely on quick luck to get you through or you want to redeposit (which you might have to do anyway).

Party/Empire don't have games where $50-$85 is a very solid bankroll, unfortunately. If you're a decent player though, you should be able to build up from that (as long as you don't lose it all to a few bad beats or somethin'). Just start in the smallest game of the appropriate type and if you're good (and lucky) you shouldn't be stuck there for long.
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Default 25 NL/PL

The 25 NL/PL is probably the best place to start, with the smallest blind structure. Just be careful, as it's pretty easy to lose your stack. Stay out of marginal situation and build your bankroll.

Also, check out the .50/1 limit tables. Play is pretty soft, and I was able to turn $25 into $50 in about 2 hours, and I suck

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Oh give yourself some credit, you suck less than the competition

With 85, I would probably play the 25nl and buy in for 15. You don't have a great bankroll, but 5 buy-ins will give you a little breathing room. I would just play real tight, solid poker. You will probably get paid off on most good hands.
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