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River Rat
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Default "Freeroll" And "No All-In No Limit Hold 'Em&q

Could someone please define freeroll and also tell me how there can be no all-in in no limit?
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No "all in" in NL game? If an opponent is all in and you have more chips than he you can only call the amount he has. Putting all of your chips in is useless since you would get back the difference if you lose the hand. Also, if you push all in and a shorter stack calls, you are only playing for the shorter stack's amount. That's the only situation I can think of right off.
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"No all-in" means there's no disconnect protection at the table aka "all-in" protection. Before people started abusing the system, if you had invested money in a hand and were disconnected, the table put you "all-in" in the sense that your hand would not be folded and you could win the money in the pot up until then (subsequent betting rounds would go into a side pot).

Predictably, people found out how to abuse the system by intentionally disconnecting if they found themselves in a big hand where they were unsure of what to do. I don't want to incorrectly call this situation +EV, but people benefitted from being able to win the pot without having to make further decisions on subsequent betting rounds with fragile hands.

In heads-up, some people were effectively freezing some pots on the flop or turn, taking away their option of folding if they were concerned about a bigger hand. Of course if this is being done by unscrupulous players with weak hands, the people with big hands are getting screwed because they can't pump the pot and can't put the opponent to a decision, the largest element of skill in any card game.

So in the end, many card rooms (Stars has many of these rooms) dropped that protection so everyone loses, if your connection drops and you exceed the time limit or time bank or whatever extra time you have, your hand is folded.
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