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Default $25 NL vs $200 NL

My primary game of choice has been $25 NLHE six-handed ring games on Party Poker. I've been beating those pretty consistently for a little while now. Was starting to get a little bored so moved up to $100 (still six-handed). Had a couple of tough losses (see my bad beat thread of Full House vs Quads), but overall did pretty well over a limited number of sessions, including one incredible session recently. I am a little worried about the increase in variance though, as these tables tend to be VERY aggressive, and one hand could cost your whole stack. What bankroll would you recommend for these limits, 20x the buy in, more? For those of you playing these stakes (or higher), do you find long term that you have a greater ROI than playing at lower stakes, or do you do better multi-tabling at $25 or $50? Just looking for some feedback from the experienced players.
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Playing $100 nl I'd advise having around $750 or so in your bankroll. Usually as you move up you'll make more money, but you probably won't double the amount you would make at $50 nl playing $100 nl.
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Originally Posted by packattack88
Playing $100 nl I'd advise having around $750 or so in your bankroll. Usually as you move up you'll make more money, but you probably won't double the amount you would make at $50 nl playing $100 nl.
7.5 buy-ins? This is not nearly enough. You should have 15 buy-ins or more in your roll. Especially when you are playing shorthanded.
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If your not paying your bills or putting food on the table with your Poker winnings (if so try limit poker), I think 7-8 times the Buy in (10 to be safe) is fine for short handed NL, unless your style is super loose aggressive, and from your post i am assumming is notthe case. If you lose 750 dollars, at a 100 dollar buy in, you might want to concider going down a limit or 2 anyway.

As far as muilti tableing vs. single table at a higher limit. In a shorthanded NL game, I find my hourly rate is increased dramaticly buy just playing 1 table or maybe 2 vice playing 3 or 4 tables of smaller limits.

Shorthanded NL is a game of understanding each of your oppents at the table, and more times than not, having a good idea of each persons playing habbits can make a big impact on how well you do per session. with this said, In my opinion, you will do much better sticking with one table at higher limits than trying to play muilti tables at lower.
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