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Default Bad night

Look at this crap:

I was on the streak of a lifetime and... KERPLUNK. This is what happened to me:

1) Run trips into a straight 3x
2) Flop a monster, slowplay it, opponent catches a flush.
3) Flop a set, put a maniac all-in, he catches a runner runner straight.
4) Play becomes loose but scared. I start doing some chasing, but I usually would give up and fold on the turn. The river card is the one I was chasing.
5) Start playing loosely and retarded, the same thing happens.

Most of this happened in a session I was in last night. Half of my losses were bad beats and suckouts, but $20 was from me being a retard.

I have QQ on the button. A maniac raises 10x the BB. I reraise him 3x his bet, he puts me all in. I sit and think and think and think and think, and I fold. He turns over JJ (WTF).

I have an opponent heads up. I raised with Q7. Flop comes Q,6,3. I check. He raises, I check raise. He re-raises. I push all in. He calls with Q9 and wins. ?!?!?!?!

I have KK. I raise 3x the big blind (stupid). Flop comes 4,6,9. A maniac bets hard. Next player re-raises. I push all in (WTF). ANOTHER player calls, pot is $40. I was up against 2 pair, set, TPTK with my over pair. Needless to say, I lost.

GAH! Right now I'm taking the weekend off to get away from this extended tilt. I am mad that I lost so much money, but I look forward to the challenge of rebuilding my profits without jumping limits.
Why the "it will take so long"-attitude? You'll be playing poker. I suppose you enjoy that, right?
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