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River Rat
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Default Huge Call

Heads up from a $5 home game NLHE 6-man tourney. I have 320 on the button, villain has 280 in BB. BB is 20.

Preflop: Get dealt T9s. Raise to 60, called by villain (he is a LAG)

Flop: Ah 4d 7s. He checks, I check.

Turn: 8h. He checks, I bet 40, get called.

River: Kd. He goes all in for 180. I am about to fold when I think about the hand again. He probably had the heart draw, with nothing. I stare him down and decide to make the call. He flips over 23h, and I take 1st.

In hindsight it's not as difficult a call as I thought, but it was still pretty intense. With my adrenaline rush I managed to win another $15 in a cash game.
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Doyle Look-alike
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lol that is a very tough call.

nice one.

you say in hindsight it was an easy call, but tough calls are always easy in hindsight
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