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Default Making the Cheater Pay

At my home game (.10-.20 PLHE) recently we (two other friends and I) saw someone setting the deck and dealing from the bottom. We were friendly with him but not exactly friends (acquaintance is the better word). We decided in secret to finish the game without any confrontation and then at the end confiscate his money and reveal our knowledge.

At the time of the following hand, he has about $25 from a $5 buyin. I rebought once, but worked my stack up to $30. He was dealer and I noticed him deal only himself from the bottom and after he dealt, he set the flop while the betting was going on. This was a big mistake:

Preflop: UTG and UTG+1 call, MP1 and CO fold, button (villain) calls (clearly trying to get some action on his big cards), SB completes, and BB (me) checks with 73d.

Flop: The magical 456d! SB bets out $1, I call, 2 folds, and villain raises pot ($5 total). SB wisely folds (he later told me he had 2-6 straight) and I call. (Pot is now $12, he has $19.80, I cover)

Turn: Jh. I check (thinking that since he set the deck he must have a very good hand. He fires out $12, I push, he insta-calls and shows AKd. After this, I admit I did a bit of a slowroll to make him even more pissed, and look upset after he shows. After about 3 seconds, I flip and everyone goes wild. I took in a nice profit and the cheater went home after we confronted him.

Funnily, after we confronted him about the cheating, he said the hand should be voided since he set the flop. I gave him a nice shove into the wall and he walked home dejectedly.
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Ha, I love idiot cheaters.
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He wanted the hand voided because he cheated!?

WOW--Give him credit for balls if not for brains.

Funny story!
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Default Re: Making the Cheater Pay

Only problem I have with your strategy is this - if you detect he's cheating, but don't act on it until after you finish the game, assuming you lost, it's gonna look really convenient to say "you cheated, give me the money." This is especially true if there's only a few of your playing.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that if you detected the cheating and decided to keep playing, you must accept the outcome of the game. Otherwise, no one would ever feel the obligation to not take their money back (or just not pay in the first place) and you might as well box for the money instead.

That being said, it's funny as hell that he wanted to void the hand BECAUSE HE CHEATED. That's got to be the weakest excuse for wanting to void a hand that I've ever heard.
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