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Default KK when ITM?

I was 3rd in a $11 SNG

Was shortstack with around 4000, others had 7000, 9000

I got delt KK on the big blind, the guy on SB was chip leader and always raised me to try to steal.

Now here I just called... I thought maybe I could trap him, due to the fact that I knew he would bet out big to make me fold. Should I have raised? If I did I was prity sure he would have just folded....

9 7 3 comes down on flop.

Like I was expecting he bets 1000. I flat call.

Q comes down on river. He bets another 1000, I go all in. He calls.

7 on river... giving 9 7 3 Q 7

He shows A7 and knocks me out in 3rd.

How should I have played it? Or is it just bad luck.
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you played it well
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Depends on the raise preflop...I would only trap him if the raise was less than 20% of my chips...any more than that, I raise all-in.

On the flop...I would have raised all-in. No reason to give a free card to a hand that might be able to beat you. At this point, you have enough invested in the pot that it's time to take it down or make him chase.

Wouldn't matter either way. He would have called you and you would have been bad beat.
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I think that's a bad beat. You played the hand pretty well, although I agree with the post above, you should have called all-in earlier. KK is still only a pair and the more cards that come out the more chance you will get busted.

But he made a mistake in calling your all-in with 2 overcards to his pair on the board. But he got lucky in hitting the set.

However, he probably called your all-in because he couldn't put you on a hand. If you had re-raised him pre-flop you would have defined your hand better and he may have shown more respect to your all-in. Perhaps he would have folded, but then you would have picked up the blinds.

I would rather have reraised him pre-flop, then he either folds, calls or pushes. If he calls, then I push all-in on the flop. If he pushes, I call and still lose.

Slow playing a pp can cause all kinds of trouble, I slow played AA once and got busted by trip T on the river.

I think I read somewhere that its better to win a small pot than lose a big one.
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With that kind of hand I'm looking to trap to double up. There are obviously inherent risks to that play as you found out but bottom line, you got a good chunk of his chips in that you porbably wouldn't of otherwise, and were way in front when you pulled the trigger on the AI on the turn. (89% according to the hand simulator, and he called with 3rd best pair.)

I call this a bad beat with extenuating circumstances. You let it get to this point but then again, short stacked in a 3 handed game I'm making the same play as to do so virtually guarantees at least a 2nd place finish and a prime hand like that may not arise again.
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Its all about image. I personally go very maniac LAG during the bubble period and 3- handed play, so id prolly push preflop hoping for an ace-rag or a weaker hand (Ive had people with QT, QJ , Kx, and JT call my all ins hoping im bluffing) cause my image lowers peoples standards of me greatly.
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Personally I would of been more aggressive with your hand.....KK is a great starting hand, but just like Aces, theres straights, flushes,and sets to constantly worry about......With all the draws out there you want to take the pot before your opponent gets lucky...

I would of either re-raised preflop which would of certainly took the pot right there, or raised big on the flop......Preflop I cant see this guy calling a huge raise or all-in with his hand, and with mid pair on the flop, I cant see calling the all-in.....Next time I would play the KK hard....You can always get more chips by running it out to the river, but why give the opponent more chances to draw a hand?
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