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Default How wrong was I?

How wrong was I?

My first money game, 10 people 10 doller buy in with buybacks allowed. They have all been playing togeather for months, and well what can I say I'm new. I get seated at the table with the top four players...

I was catching 6-3's 7-4's and some 3-2 suited and 4-2 suited.

I was able to take some chips by buying the table when everyone checked.

So im getten crap and along comes 10c and a Js, short stack goes all in and I follow (first mistake?) chip lead follows me. The flop turns I get my 10.

I rais 10 of the flop (were playing with 1s, 5s and 25s) he calls. The next card I dont remember but it elimenated any flush, so I go all in playing like I was chaseing that card for two pair or something. (second mistake?)

I have a strong feeling he doesnt have anything and if he does it isnt much. Im worried becasue all I have is a pair of tens but he couldnt have much more then that,.

We tunrnem over and hes got 10- k. I was pissed.

The best part was the short stack had poket sevens and the river... 7.

Im out, short stack tripels up and chip lead evens out(kinda)

AHHH!!! 10 bucks down the drain! But I cant wait to get back there next week.
I know my first problem is patients but what else did I do wrong?

Sorry for spelling*

(that short stack won the 120$ pot)
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Dont call significant all ins with JT. Thats where you went wrong.
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patience is a real problem for me too.

it s not like someone is behind you with a gun yelling:

if you feel like that ... fold.

not worth the trouble to catch some lowstack with his KK or QQ.

if you hit that jack, what do you think how good your kicker is ??

same problem as with that 10 you hit.. but got a better Ten-Kicker behind you.
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Two things:

Just coz you have been getting 6-3s, 7-4s etc, it don't make JTo a good hand.

If I read right, you were playing out of position so even less reason to call a pre-flop raise with JTo.

If you represent the flop and get called, that usually means the other guy has something, so unless you are pretty sure you have the top hand you might want to ease up a little on the later streets.

Hmmm, that's three things.
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