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Default Pokerlistings advice for limit question

Do you agree with limit strategy advice on you do can you comment why do you give advice often to call when pokerlistings guide generally says calling should be avoided and substitued for either folding and raising and betting?Such things confuse me ,and altough i made 30 dollars over last few days (i play 0.05/0.10 limit so dont laugh),i cant get rid of the feeling stupid and like ill never learn this game.And i would so want to,i like poker very much.Thanx
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Circumstances for calling:

1) Limping in mid-late position pre-flop when you're being presented with odds to flop a set or flush/draw (Suited Connectors, Low Pairs, Axs)

2) On the draw on the flop/turn with correct pot odds and even then it's a judgement call whether to bet/raise to try and get a "free" card (especailly if you've got a BIG draw).

3) You've got an utter-monster slightly out of position post-flop and are going for overcalls not looking to blast anyone out of the pot by making it 2 bets to call.

4) You've got a hand you feel could be 2nd best but the pot's too big to lay it down or protect your hand (i.e 20BB) so you're in "Check-Call" mode.

It's fine to call in a lot of circumstances (it is NOT fine to be doing a lot of "cold-calling" however) BUT it's certainly better to be betting/raising if you can.

For post-flop play you are generally aiming for this calculation

[(Bet%)+(Raise%)] / (Call%)

To have a greater value than 1.5 and preferably over 2. Not sure what people think of that value but I'm sure they'll let you/me know. (Mine's 1.92....making up for 1000 hands of being a passive chump )

I'm sure people will shoot me down for saying that stuff if I'm wrong but hey if I were any good I wouldn't be playing 0.1/0.2

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Thanx boomer
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