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Default First live win

I'm so pleased, I just have to share.
On Monday nights I'm invited to a $20 (+ one rebuy) 33 person NLHE tournament. It's well run and everyone is there to play, not socialize. Starting chips and blind structures are designed to limit the tourney to three hours. The first hour is not too hectic, after which is the last chance to rebuy/addon. From here on it's played similar to the turbos on Pstars; loosen up to stay ahead of the killer blinds/antes. Top 6 cash.
A third of the players are giving their money away, a third are decent, and the rest seem to have very good skills/instinct.
Played well early, took few chances, and cruised to the final table. Caught some nice hands/flops and made the money! At this point I was 5th out of 6 and happy about it. This being only my 6th 'live' tournament, everything from here on out was gravy.
I knocked out the short stack in a "battle of the blinds". A few hands later I reraised all-in with an AJs vs a known pot stealer who held A3; he called, I caught a J on the turn to ice it. Won a few uncontested pots with suited aces by going All-in. Picked off a short stack with KJs (and very good odds) vs his A7o, and all of a sudden I'm 2nd in chips and nervous as hell!
The club where this is held closes 3 hrs after the tourney begins, so if there are still 2 or more players left the payout is by chip stack. Which opens all sorts of strange scenarios.
Anyhow: final chip stacks:
ALL50, $71,500
'tom', $69,000
'dick', $16,000

My first win! I'm more happy with the win than I am with the $300 first place pay out. Been walking on air all day.
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Conratulation :-) very nice.
I honestly wish I never clicked on this post. blog
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Congrats! Hope this is the start of many.
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KevinM11 will become famous soon enough

Very Nice All50.
You only live once...So enjoy it while you can!

"take stock of any poor thought processes that may be causing you to lose money needlessly at the poker table." Ozone

"The main reason for me to play poker has always been to have fun and hopefully make a little cash." DK-Molinero
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The biggest hole in my game is me.
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