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Too tired for poker
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Default Everyone needs a bit of luck sometimes

Down to three in a WSOP satellite SnG on Bodog, when this happens:

(roos79 has been playing a pretty solid game, but he gone ultra-aggressive since it went shorthanded, pushing all-in regularly to steal the blinds. madders123 has been playing very weak as the shortstack)

Total number of players : 3
Seat 1: madders123 ( $20,455 )
Seat 3: roos79 ( $33,870 )
Seat 6: SidMaynard ( $35,675 )

roos79 posts small blind [$500].
SidMaynard posts big blind [$1000].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to SidMaynard [ Js Jh ]
madders123 folds
roos79 calls [$500]
SidMaynard raises [$3000]
roos79 calls [$3000]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 3s, 5s, Th ]
roos79 bets [$10000]

??? Now I'm thinking did he make a subtle play and limp in with AA or KK? Has he hit a set with a small pocket pair? I don't put him on this big a hand as it doesn't filt his style, and if he does have me beat, why is he trying to bring the pot down now on this kind of flop?

Looking at my chipstack I'm thinking I can't call here, as I will face the same decision on the turn only then I am pot committed. So it's either push or fold. And I can't fold my JJ on this kind of flop. If he has outplayed me, then so be it, I am gonna pay him off and tell him 'nh'.

SidMaynard raises [$21675] and is all-in
roos79 calls [$19870] and is all-in

roo79 turns over 3d, 5d
Pre-flop I'm 80% favourite. Now I'm all-in and 25% dog.

** Dealing Turn ** [ 8d ]

** Dealing River ** [ Tc ]

roos79: shows [3s 4ss] (two pairs, Threes and Fives)
SidMaynard: shows [Js Jh] (two pairs, Jacks and Tens)

Thank you poker God. I'm 3-1 chip leader and I lean on the weak shortstack and blind him out.

Now I'm on to the next level WSOP satellite. See ya in Vegas. (If my luck holds up)
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Iestyn75 will become famous soon enoughIestyn75 will become famous soon enough

Nothing as fancy as a WSOP satellite, but I had a similar experience at the tail end of a 100-seater sng the other day. Again it was last three, but I was on the other end of it.

I was on the BB, button had folded and ultra-aggressive to my right min-raised me. I was holding 87s and thought it was worth seeing the flop which came down 873. He checked, I bet and he raised me all-in. I called, to see him flip over AA. River was a 3.

As you say, luck needed sometimes.
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