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Default Worst call I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

I was playing in a local tourney that started with $1500 in chips. Blinds are up to $25/$50 and I get delt QQ. I raise to $150 pre-flop, get one call and then the BB goes all-in with $320 total. I call and the other guy calls too. The flop is 3 7 9 rainbow and I move all-in with $1800, the guy has $1300 and calls. I show my QQ and he shows K7 os. The turn drops another 7 for his set and I lost. I don't get to pissed over bad beats because in the game of poker their going to happen but I could not believe this guy called a 3x bb raise, then an all-in with K7 os. Then another all-in with second pair. Crazy shit. lol
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gambling at it s best.

My main Problem is: how often these "idiots" get paid off fiwth their crapload of play.
then i check my recently aquired data about these suckouts and see they re down like 40BB in less then 200 hands.. i m up 300BB in 2k Hands...
Long run wins > Short Time Luck
I honestly wish I never clicked on this post. blog
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