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Default worst beat with AA in my hand

I was in a 3 handed game, $0.50/$1.00, and after playing like 3 hours with the same people I saw AA in my BB. other 2 people call the $1 and I raise to 6 bucks. The guy to the left calls, and the other one folds.
FLOP: 3 5 9
I bet $10, he raises to $30. He played very agressive, every hand. so I put him on 9-(highcard). I raise to $100 and he calls imediately.
I bet $104 (thats all he got left) and after 10 seconds he calls.
he shows 3 5 offsuit
I lost $210 with AA vs 35o
I couldnt believed my eyes when he showed his 2 pair. I was FURIOUS. HOW CAN SOMEONE CALL A $6 BET WITH 35o!!!???!!!!
My heartbeat was like 200+ hands were sweaty and I felt sick.
He told me that he thougth I was bluffing, and that was why he called the bets.
Some people play rediculous hands on online poker. If I would flop 2 pair and someone re-re-raise a hand, I fold.

If you got a worser BAD BEAT with AA please tell me, cause I can not imagine one

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