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Default thanks!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all you fine folks that have provided guidance and encouragement on this board.

I have been playing poker for about 6 months now, and in that time I've played a lot of hands in that time, but 100% of it online. This weekend, I played my first ever home games, two NL STT's with a $5 entry fee. 6 players, top 2 score the money (75/25).

The others at the table were all regulars at this game (a buddy of mine invited me), two of them said they like to play in AC a few times a year. So I figured it was going to be a good test to see if my online skills translated. When I told them I was an online player they weren't too concerned with me it seemed.

I won both games and it wasn't much of a contest in doing so. I kept a TAG style going, and played pretty much ABC poker. The others were all loose players, playing all kinds of crazy hands. I think I was the only one that folded preflop more than half the time.

The pressure of the aggressive betting made all the difference though. I used c-bets and preflop raises to limit the field and kill draws. I think all night I got maybe 5 pockets that were a high pair or AK/Q/J. I even managed to pick up a couple of reads that won me huge pots. I didn't even try to bluff once, I only pushed when I had something.

I'm not sure I'll be invited back to this game (even my friend was a little annoyed at me I think), but it's all good to me.

So, in a word, thanks!
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