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Default Couldn't lay it down...

Ok so I bought in for $100 at the 1-2 No Limit table at the casino. I'm not getting any good cards, the table is very loose. People raising to $15 preflop, 5-6 callers at a time etc. People re-raising preflop with AJ, wild crazy stuff.

Finally I get a good hand - I have QQ in mid position, guy in first position raises to $15. Everyone in front of me folds, so I min-raise to $30 just to get an idea (this guy just joined the table a hand ago) so he announces he's all in for about $60 total (another 30 to me) and in a blink of an eye I shove my chips in the middle to call. He has kind of a disappointed reaction to his face, and flips over his mediocore KJ. Dealer deals the community cards and he doesn't hit so I win, I'm up to about $140 now.

I move tables to where my buddy is playing, who is up a couple hundred bucks. After losing a few blinds, and winning a marginal pot with a straight flush I am up to about $170 dollars. I'm thinking of cashing out soon, as $70 made in one hour is pretty good when you think about it.

Just then I get 5c 3c on the button, so I call. There's about 4-5 ppl in the pot. Flop comes down
Jc 4c 2c. First guy checks, second guy bets $15, 3rd guy's to me. I dont't wanna let ppl with a K or Ace of clubs keep seeing free cards, so I re-raise to $45 with my flush, and straight flush draw. The guy who checked originally thinks about it for a second then announces he is all-in and shoves his chips in the middle. The other two guys think about it...but eventually fold. It's to me...

Now I got the flush. The guy that had just re-raised all-in had lost a $60 pot or so a couple hands ago when he was calling someone down top pair weak kicker. I figured he was on tilt, not to mention i found his earlier play of calling this lady down all the way to the river with a 4 kicker very fish like.

So I thought about it for a few moments...then called, about another $120 more. he shows his hand...7c 6c. I am so disappointed that a) he had me beat and b) that I called. I just couldn't lay it down. Flush on the flop + straight flush draw to a guy who seemed like a fish calling down ppl.

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