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Default AA Cracked - My Turn To Whine!

I posted "AA Holds Up!" a few hours ago. The VERY FIRST hand that I am dealt after posting that:

Texas Hold'em $5-$10 15 Aug 2006

Seat 4: SB ($1,032.50 in chips)
Seat 5: Me [AS,AD] ($2,245 in chips)
Seat 8: D ($829.20 in chips)

SB posts blind ($2.50), Me posts blind ($5).

D calls $5, SB bets $7.50, Me calls $5, D calls $5.

FLOP [board cards 4H,3H,AH ]
SB bets $5, Me bets $10, D calls $10, SB bets $10, Me bets $10, D calls $10, SB calls $5.

TURN [board cards 4H,3H,AH,2H ]
SB bets $10, Me calls $10, D bets $20, SB bets $20, Me calls $20, D bets $20, SB calls $10, Me calls $10.

RIVER [board cards 4H,3H,AH,2H,6D ]
SB bets $10, Me calls $10, D bets $20, SB bets $20, Me calls $20, D bets $20, SB calls $10, Me calls $10.

D shows [ QC,KH ]
SB mucks cards [ 9C,JH ]
Me mucks cards [ AS,AD ]
D wins $328.

Dealer: D
Pot: $330, (including rake: $2)
SB, loses $110
Me, loses $110
D, bets $110, collects $328, net $218

I get dealt Aces and flop trips against two players. Both hit flushes on the turn. I considered folding then, but I still have 10 outs to fill up and win a big pot from the flushes.

I'm not gonna post any more winning hands here - clearly, the software is rigged against those who do!
It doesn't matter how bad your game is, as long as you can find opponents who play even worse.
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