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TWLLM'ing My Showdowns
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Default Massive (BB Wise) Hand during today's session

Hey guys, huge hand tonight which ended up getting away from me. Just thought I'd get some comments

Reads on players now I've got Gametime working

finzlef1 - VPIP 36.96, PFR 13.04, PFA 1.19 - Loose Aggressive Pre-Flop, neutral after but still bets/rasies more than calls.
vn202 - VPIP 61.54, PFR 0, PFA 0.52 - Loose, Passive, Passive....Fish.

***** Pacific Hand History for Game 49547983 *****
$0.5/$1 Limit Hold'em - *** 08 17 17:34:12 2006
Table Day at the Beach (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 10: Orel14 ( $19.25 )
Seat 1: Vullum ( $40.64 )
Seat 2: etliekr ( $14.94 )
Seat 3: vn202 ( $25.72 )
Seat 4: YoSuPeng ( $20 )
Seat 5: trespeo ( $26.67 )
Seat 6: TajM2 ( $23.55 )
Seat 7: finzlef1 ( $37.55 )
Seat 8: Boomer4l ( $52.07 )
Seat 9: mrsam04 ( $66.05 )
finzlef1 posts small blind [$0.25].
Boomer4l posts big blind [$0.5].
YoSuPeng posts big blind [$0.5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Boomer4l [ 9c 10c ]
mrsam04 folds.
Orel14 raises [$1].
Vullum folds.
etliekr folds.
vn202 calls [$1].
YoSuPeng folds.
trespeo folds.
TajM2 calls [$1].
finzlef1 calls [$0.75].
Boomer4l calls [$0.5] - Getting 10-1 on my call with a SC.

** Dealing Flop ** [ Kh, Jc, Qc ] - nice

finzlef1 checks.
Boomer4l checks.
Orel14 bets [$0.5].
vn202 calls [$0.5].
TajM2 calls [$0.5].
finzlef1 raises [$1].
Boomer4l raises [$1.5] - Got 2nd nut straight and OE Straight Flush Draw so see no reason not to start pounding the pot now we've got action. Especailly when we're multiway and at least one of us isn't going away.
Orel14 folds.
vn202 raises [$1.5] - Betting Capped. Set?? 2 pair? AK?
TajM2 folds.
finzlef1 calls [$1].
Boomer4l calls [$0.5]

** Dealing Turn ** [ 4d ] - No help to anyone there

finzlef1 bets [$1].
Boomer4l raises [$2].
vn202 calls [$2] - Flat call doesn't indicate much to me. Maybe 2 pair or a set now concerned it's no good
finzlef1 raises [$2] - Concerning but I've got a massive hand already and a big draw as I'm not putting either of them on a flush draw so I'm giving myself full outs for that even if I'm not already good
Boomer4l raises [$2]
vn202 calls [$2] - not going away. Had a think before this call
finzlef1 calls [$1]

** Dealing River ** [ Jh ] - NUTS!! Board pairs so now the set has deffo overtaken and it's likely the 2 pair has too.

finzlef1 bets [$1].
Boomer4l calls [$1] - Can't raise now and hoping to SD as cheap as possible
vn202 raises [$2] - So your 2 pair DID hit
finzlef1 calls [$1].
Boomer4l calls [$1] - 28BB pot maybe loose but surely I'm good here 1 in 28?
** Summary **
vn202 shows [ Js Ks ] - Boats full 4 outer baby. WOO!! nice Cold Call PF.
finzlef1 shows [ Ac Th ] - Better straight and blocking one of my flush cards (turns out I only had 8 clubs to draw too, J already out and Kc gives me SF so ok if it boats him up there)
Boomer4l mucks - depressed
vn202 collected [$29.25]

Comments on the hand overall?

Limit Holdem: Because All 4 Streets Matter!!

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Nowhere to Run
You're Rage, It'll
BURN Like the Heart of the Sun!!
With Infinite Glee
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That Minbets The World!!!

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I wouldve played it the exact same way.
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The second nuts with insurance. Yeah you played it fine, you cannot fold the river there even though it is a bit of a crying call.
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Anyone who had flopped a set or two pair would have played it the same way your opponent did, especially a loose agressive player. There was no reason to think you weren't way ahead; against any combination of sets, two pairs, and flush draws, you're a huge favorite. It just sucks that you happened to be up against the only hand that made you a dog.
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