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Default Difference between ten and 6-max?

I keep hearing people talking about six handed ring games (and sngs) being completely different than playing longhanded. The problem is, I don't know what the difference is. I've heard that shorthanded games can be more profitable, but that they're played differently. Can someone tell me what the differences are, the strategies, or maybe link me to some articles?

For reference, I've been playing longhanded NL at PP; .02/.04 and .05/.1, and some SNGs.
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This link will discuss some strategy and starting hand choices from early position in a 6 handed game. Mostly, you have to open up your game just slightly with regards to your starting hands. Aggression is the key though. If you are the first to enter a pot it should be with a raise (preferably in a good position close to the dealer). A tight image, and waiting for the big hand will not get you as far at the SH table as people will be more likely to peg you as a TAG and when you do start firing bets their alarm bells should go off if they are paying attention. Play a few more hands in position and be show more aggression is my advice.
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Well everything is different. You have to be very aggressive to make money shorthanded because you have to pay the blinds at least every six hands. It is more player dependant. Longhanded you have more time to sit there and trap and extract since you are only paying blinds every 10 hands.
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My PC can't really run more than 2-3 tables so I'm playing 6-max. Despite some BIG variances early on my game as improved gradually and I easily beat the $25NL now. Will move up when better rolled.

The biggest difference to me is variance! I have made more but also lost more since playing exclusively 6-max. To me its more fun and I believe that it has improved my general game far more than full ring could ever do.
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