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Default 2nd place thx ptippers

I took second place in a tourney last night. Nothing special it was a 40 man freezeout. The site I play on doesn't necessarily get a lot of ppls in their tourneys. Nonetheless I felt pretty damn proud of myself. I thought I played really good poker that night. I'd like to thank everyone here on this board for their help they've given me to improve my game and inable me to place 2nd. Next time I'll be first.

There was one guy that was playing that was an aggresive player. I felt that if I could get HU with him I could get most if not all of his chips. I noticed that he was playing any suited card and any Ax. When he would play these hands he would get as much money in the pot as he could. The below hand came up. I thought I played it right due to my read on the guy and the way he'd been playing the tourney. Basically bulling people. Any comments on the follow hand are welcomed.

#Game No : 156759370
***** Hand History for Game 156759370 *****
$30.00/$60.00 NL - Tue, Sep 26, 00:31:10 2006
Table 67068-3 (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 1: osterby67 ($5875.00)
Seat 3: wizard210 ($3515.00)
Seat 4: FrackeBoy ($635.00)
Seat 5: frejs54 ($965.00)
Seat 6: CU2 ($1730.00)
wizard210 posts small blind [$30.00]
FrackeBoy posts big blind [$60.00]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to wizard210 [ Jc Jh ]
frejs54 folds
CU2 raises [$120.00]
osterby67 folds
wizard210 calls [$90.00]
FrackeBoy folds
** Dealing Flop ** [ 3s 7c 3c ] ----- Flop had to miss him. Worst case holding two clubs
wizard210 bets [$300.00]
CU2 calls [$300.00]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8h ]
wizard210 bets [$275.00]
CU2 raises [$550.00] ----He always reraised when he hit something. Had him on the 8 not the 3's. Would have reraised me on flop if had the 3.
wizard210 calls [$275.00]
** Dealing River ** [ Ts ]
wizard210 bets [$800.00]
CU2 is all-In [$760.00]
wizard210 is refunded uncalled bet $40.00
CU2 shows [ Ah 8s ] Two Pair, Eights and Threes ---- Like I said good read on the guy
wizard210 shows [ Jc Jh ] Two Pair, Jacks and Threes
CU2 shows [ Ah 8s ] Two Pair, Eights and Threes
wizard210 wins $3520.00 from main pot
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Nice hand. You got his stack here because of smooth calling his raise pre-flop. Your read on him was perfect, and smooth calling disguised your hand.

You did kind of slowplay your Jacks, which could have backfired if an A had hit. So I hope you would have been able to lay them down, given your read that he likes to play Aces.

All in all, well played. 2nd must have felt good, but I like the fact that you are already thinking about winning the next one.

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If there are less than 20BB less in my stack I will call a smallish raise with a hand like JJ and if the board comes out safe for me I will check and take one shot at letting him hang himself. If it does not come out safe I am out 3BB and move on.
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