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Default Real live donkaholics

I'm sure many of you enjoy the warm comforts of your local gambling establishment, but I do believe we have all met our share of king and queen donks. So many to name, but I do not want to bore the general audience of this forum to death with rants about clueless morons who need to stick to slots. But one instance came to mind I just had to share with the forum. These hands happen all the time, with different people and different outcomes, but this one in particular stuck out the most, because of the dialogue. My buddy and I were playing at the local casino on a 2-4 game. This place is profitable any night you go as long as you can avoid a string of suckouts. The table chatter is donkarific as usual, and this one kid across from me trys to make convo with my buddy and I. We just look at each other knowing this kid is a complete tool right outa the home depot. He starts talkin about how 2-4 kind of sucks because people will pay to see every card. And I said yes, very rarely can you buy a pot, and it is probably stupid to try unless you have a good read on the table. He said, ya, I hate those old guys that catch their flushes, they piss me off. I said, ya, it gets pretty old,but its a part of the game. This kid has no clue. I get dealt A2 diamonds in the small blind. Most hands are folded, that donk kid calls out of position, I raise in the sb, and the bb calls. The kid calls my raise. I knew I had the best hand as of now, because they were both calling stations. Flop comes 5d, 3d, 2 hearts. Well, I obviously bet with my current situation. The donk kid calls. Turn is a Kc. I bet strong again, he insta raises me. So i say to myself, you have king what? So I just call. river is a 10d, giving me the nut everything. I bet, he raises, and we re-raised each other until he gave up and finally called. I flip over the hand, and say well, unless this is a stacked deck, I have you. He, in a disgusted/disgruntled manner, throws his K5 into the middle of the table. I had never seen someone go from a friendly, positive attitude into this steaming mad, angry state. The kid would have hit me, granted the chance. Now, Im not going to say I wasn't being a little bit of a smart ass, but I could have been much worse. I said nice river, I got lucky. This made him even more angry. I said, "what's the matter, you question my play?" He says(and I will never forget this as long as I live), "Ya i do! just one minute ago you are talking about how you hate it when people suck flushes out of you, and you do it now, kind of hypocritical to me." "I can't believe you called my raise on the turn, so ya, I do question your play." The table is just dead silent now. I laugh and say, " well i question you calling my raise pre-flop with K-5." The table starts laughing from all directions. The kid becomes ultra pissed. He is literally about to snap. He says,"how can you outright bet with nothing?" I said, "nothing? a straight flush draw, nut flush draw, straight draw, and even a lowly pair of 2s, against your hand, which I know amounts to squat." So then I proceed to do some math in my head in about 10 seconds. "every diamond in the deck, 9 left(including the 4d), 3 4's, 3 2's, 3 aces. I had outs, about 18 total. 18 more than you buddy." The kid becomes super ulta steamed and says, " well I had you crushed after the turn." I say, yes, you did, and I would say nice hand, but I would be lying." The table breaks out in laughter again. The best part of this whole confrontation was I busted him a few hands later with QQ. He played every hand until then and wound up flopping a low 2 pair against my trip Qs. He laid his hand over and got up, hes like this is utter bullshit and started walking away. I say, "ya, nothin like drawin dead". He kept walking. I should feel bad about some of these experiences but people need to learn that their own stupidity is their biggest downfall. If you play smart you should never lose in the long run. Indeed you may get sucked out all night, but one night to me is short-term. There is always tomorrow, and always a new deck. And always a table full of donks.
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