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I really like this play.
This is my interpretation of these plays:

Firstly he was in position, and he established the guy wasn't drawing by raising him (assuming a combo draw would reraise).

When the river brought a four flush and his opponent made a tiny block bet ($25 into a $168 pot) It was pretty clear he couldn't call a raise. A player with a spade they wanted to show down wouldn't normally block bet here unless they knew how tricky their opponent can be. I think a or would would check or make a value bet on the river.

Here is a hand from Hustlr $2/$4 NL Part 1 from this site:
UTG min raises preflop with 3 callers including both blinds.
Flop: Qc 9h 6c
BB leads out with a min bet Hero is last to act and min raises. (UTG calls both)
Turn: 3c
BB bets out $44 into a pot of $149
Hero thinks then calls.
River: 7c
BB bets $44 again
Hero raises to $164
BB folds.

Hustlr says in the video he talked to the player afterwards and he said he had no clubs.

Here is an excerpt from an article i saw on 2+2 that relates to this and i found quite interesting:

2. Straight Draws on Twoflush Boards

You see a flop (raised or unraised) where you have an OESD on a twoflush board, giving you only 6 solid outs. someone pots it into you with you having position.

Normal Play: fold

The Plan


if he calls, bluff a turn flushcard or ace and bet the turn if you make your straight. if he calls the flush card bluff and checks to you on the river, bet 1/3 pot or so, however do not bet if you make your straight. if you miss both straight and flush cards on the turn, check behind and bluff river scarecards and bet when you make your straight. if you miss all "draws" do not bluff the river.

I didn't write this so i made it blue. Here is a link to the article:
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