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Default re: theory and mathematics

I have been re-reading Harrington on Hold'em Volume II, on page 201 there is a situation where he has 15 outs on the flop and uses David Solomon's formula to get an approximate winning perecentage from a moderate amount of outs above eight. Is there a simple formula for under eight out, also? Also I have been reading the new Miller and Sklansky book on no limi holdem, but the question I want to get at are those math equations are impossible to remember and use while playing, are there any simple to use formulas as Harrington stated with Solomon's that can benefit me better. Since no limit hold'em is a situational game, I want to be able to benefit the best I can when confronted hard situations. I am trying to get myself more trained in the mathematical element and theory of the game. Should I get a mathematical book to study probabilities a and stats, and what area should I focus on? I probably sound like a lost cause, don't I?
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We have a few people around here who know great things about the math involved. But, for most decisions that come up during play, in no limit, you just have to know the rules of the thumb, basic pot odds.Read the strategy section on this site and you should be ok.

Dont try to remember and use Sklansky's math, since it will do you little good at the table. It's main use is thinking about things before hand (so you can establish your general way of handling a certain situation) or after (to see if what you did was +ev).
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