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Default End of downswing, live MTT FT, and my Matusow moment

So I've been having a pretty bad downswing the last 2 weeks, losing *a lot*. Doesn't matter whether I have pockets AA against 2 pairs / straight, or KK that make a set on the flop against flop straight, or TPTK against 2 pairs.

Doesn't help of course me playing badly precisely because of being in a downswing. I decided that the only way to get out of my downswing was to go play, and play well and see what happens.

Went to my usual night of poker in a casino about an hour and half away having missed it last week for a social event. Didn't start off so well on the PokerPro table waiting for the MTT to start, but that was only like 20 minutes of play so it was fine.

The regular £20+2 MTT was good, having banter with this other person on the table who I was on the cash table just minuters ago. Playing tight positional aggressive poker like I told myself. Making moves that work, hands holding up (99 calling 2 all-in Ax), folding 2nd best hand, the best being folding AK against 2 all-in (QQ & KK) just short of the bubble (FT players get pay).

Started FT with above average stack, quite happy with players knocking each other out moving me up the pay scale. Calling all-in correctly with AJo making me one of the large stack. So I've been playing prefectly up till 4 left, where I made a very suspected call that worked out for me. Having open limped in the SB with A2o, see a flop with a 2 and 2 higher cards, I bet, BB raise all-in on TP and I call, sucking out on river with another 2.

Final 3, big stack likeing my chances. Made another poor play with AJo raising up, and folding to a reraise push from 2nd stack later finding out he has AJ as well. Still doing great, that is until I decided in the BB seeing 2nd stack UTG min-raise knowing he have to have a monster and call with 57o hoping for at least 2 pairs, and then all his chips. Flop contain a 5 giving me a small pair. I check and he bet. This is where I should fold. Of course I didn't, raised instead and call his all-in because I've committted myself and the odds it was giving me. Crippling myself, I went out the next hand.

All in all, a good day, having cashed for £350 on the tournament (though I did give away a large portion of it later on in cash game), but kicking myself for being stupid in costing myself a very good shot at £1100 for 1st or £700 for second.

End of story time.
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I read it : D MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN how could you go out like that? I've done that before but jeeez down to 3 players and big stacked and get crippled with a pair of fives and a bad play. I hope you learn to finish stronger, thats one of the many things I need to get better at, also.
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ummm.... if you knew he had a monster why not fold and move onto the next hand? hoping to catch two pair is optomistic to say the least...
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