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Default Bubble with player sitting out

I was playing a STT and was fortunate enough for the chip leader to disconnect about half way through the tourney. He was sitting to my left which gave me ample opportunities to steal his blinds. Better yet, the person to my right was obviously playing for 3rd and didn't make a single PFR for 50+ hands.

Once the disconnected player was down to < 1 BB I was raising a couple of trash hands just to isolate the player sitting out (I would have folded on the SB in one instance if the other player was not already AI). After the last hand of the bubble, the 2nd place player commented that I should have called from the SB to increase the chances of knocking out the 4th player. He also asked me if I was new to the game. I just played dumb since this is exactly what I didn't want to happen (at this point I had 6k chips, and my opponents had 2.5k and 1.5k chips). I guess he didn't notice that my stack doubled during this period.

Is there some etiquette regarding players sitting out in tourneys with more than 3 people? A previous post referring to a HU match had mixed views. A few posters said to steal relentlessly, while others said to wait a while. I don't feel bad about this since the player could have been seated somewhere else (allowing someone else to do all of the stealing) and my opponents were also graciously folding to me when I was in the SB.
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Default good to hear

There are no friends at the poker table, I'd raise my mother if she disconnected. They were just bitter that u had perfect position and situation. Good play
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Thanks, I didn't think there was any poker ettiquette for these situations.

What strategies would be used when someone is sitting out and in a different location. Off the top of my head I can think of the following when the player sitting out is in the blinds:
- Loosen preflop hand requirements (since there is 1 less player at the table)
- Steal the blinds more often (it should be easier and it prevents the other blind from getting free chips)
- Try to see more flops cheaply because of the dead money.

It would be impossible to negate the benifits to the player sitting to the right of the disconnected player, but you don't want to give him the other players stack. Anything else?
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