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Since this is the beginner forum, I'd agree with Jimmy. Ditch anything that might get dominated. As you get better at reading people, you can reintroduce speculative hands that might dominate (like the much maligned KQ and AJ).

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wow, lots of good info. thanks.

the primary reason i play these hands is that waiting for optimal hands in the right position requires a lot of folding. i know that folding is a good thing and i shouldn't be playing too many hands, but people seem to pick up on my squeaky tight play and when i do get a hand that merits a raise or connects with the board in a big way, people pick up on this and they fold or i don't get paid off (unless there's a complete idiot at the table, which i'm inclined to say is becoming rarer and rarer). thus, at a table that is very passive, i'm inclined to limp with hands like i described above with the hopes that i'll connect in a big way like two pair or better. i'd like to add, i'm capable of laying these hands down if i believe my opponent made his draw. i'll fold to a big raise with these hands preflop, but almost always limp or call a min raise if i'm allowed. thing is, at least OOP, i can't raise with these hands, so i'm going into a pot multiway which can be pretty dangerous. any more thoughts? i know this sounds like a donkey post, but like i said, my image becomes tight with a super-TAG strategy.
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