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Default ... what?

Best winning night of my life by far yesterday. Played like 3400 hands at 25PTBB/100... everyone was totally drunk it seems. I started with the idea of playing 2-3hours, but after I while I understood I wasnt rich enough to stop playing till I bust everyone on these tables hahaha.

As I table select where I play to an extremely high level , Im very accustomed to incredibly bad, atrocious plays.

But that one cought me by surprise.... My jaws dropped and I stared at my screen mouth wide open for 2 mins after that hand.

First, it was the craziest table I have ever saw in my entire life.
After a while I got it: It was a live game in a casino at christmas Eve, bar open for 1$.

One hand, UTG raise to 25$ ( 600NL ) and if the button wouldnt have push, it would have been a 9-10way pot.

This guy was incredibly bad, but I was 99% sure I was drawing there.
No way I raise anywhere in that hand, because I want Bigbambo to stay in and draw to the flush with his 7s2d or to call with his 83o... anyway... No FE at ALL there.

Texas Hold'em $6-$12 NL (real money), hand #313,751,621
Table San Marino, 12 May 2007 7:11 AM ET

Seat 2: ritchie79 ($235.20 in chips)
Seat 4: _hyperbola_ ($884.60 in chips)
Seat 6: bigbambo ($1,024.80 in chips)
Seat 7: matematik ($524.50 in chips)
Seat 8: Clemenza12 ($1,076.60 in chips)
Seat 9: mgala3 ($743.00 in chips)
Seat 10: Al4Ace [ KD,KC ] ($568.50 in chips)
Al4Ace posts blind ($3), ritchie79 posts blind ($6).

_hyperbola_ folds, bigbambo calls $6, matematik folds, Clemenza12 folds, mgala3 bets $35, Al4Ace bets $110, ritchie79 folds, bigbambo calls $107, mgala3 calls $78.

FLOP [board cards 9D,AD,3D ]
Al4Ace checks, bigbambo checks, mgala3 bets $180, Al4Ace calls $180, bigbambo calls $180.

TURN [board cards 9D,AD,3D,6C ]
Al4Ace checks, bigbambo checks, mgala3 bets $450 and is all-in, Al4Ace calls $275.50 and is all-in, bigbambo folds.

RIVER [board cards 9D,AD,3D,6C,QH ]

mgala3 shows [ 8H,8D ]
Al4Ace shows [ KD,KC ]
mgala3 wins $174.50, Al4Ace wins $1,433
Dealer: mgala3
Pot: $1,610.50, (including rake: $3)
ritchie79 loses $6
_hyperbola_ loses $0
bigbambo loses $293
matematik loses $0
Clemenza12 loses $0
mgala3 bets $743, collects $174.50, net $-568.50
Al4Ace bets $568.50, collects $1,433, net $864.50

Heres an other pretty funny.

Seat 1: void_null ($570.65 in chips)
Seat 2: cedon1 ($439.05 in chips)
Seat 3: Al4Ace [ 9S,2S ] ($963.80 in chips)
Seat 8: gtc47 ($626.80 in chips)
cedon1 posts blind ($3), Al4Ace posts blind ($6).

gtc47 folds, void_null folds, cedon1 calls $3, Al4Ace checks.

FLOP [board cards JS,3S,9D ]
cedon1 checks, Al4Ace bets $10, cedon1 calls $10.

TURN [board cards JS,3S,9D,10S ]
cedon1 checks, Al4Ace bets $22, cedon1 calls $22.

RIVER [board cards JS,3S,9D,10S,8D ]
cedon1 bets $6, Al4Ace bets $100, cedon1 bets $188, Al4Ace bets $825.80 and is all-in, cedon1 calls $207.05 and is all-in.

Al4Ace shows [ 9S,2S ]
cedon1 shows [ 7S,3C ]
Al4Ace wins $1,400.85.

Dealer: void_null
Pot: $1,402.85, (including rake: $2)
void_null loses $0
cedon1 loses $439.05
Al4Ace bets $963.80, collects $1,400.85, net $437.05
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Thats all I can pretty much muster right now.
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