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Default Can you fold this?

I was a few hours into a tournament, already in the money at pokerstars 3$ nightly rebuy, and i was dealt

in first position, with 78,000

I chose to just call the minimum 4,000
as of late people had been raising quite often and usaully just taking the blinds.

Then a small stack of 20,000 raises all in.

board folds to the guy before me, who goes all in, and has about the same amount of chips as I have.

Do I make the call?

A/k seemed very possible, i lost to him hitting his King.
If i had J/J i would of layed it down, but maybe i was just Stubborn with Q/Q
The thing about the 3$ rebuy, it has a huge payout structure, 504 places paid out of 2500 people, so the final table gets a huge amount, where as i only got 37$ for 151st place.

what do you think?
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don't beat yourself up about it. I perfer to avoid coin flips later in big tourneys because i feel i can get my money in at a better position then 50/50. Not a bad play at all.
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There no way I'm getting away from this. None. I agree that maybe MAYBE I could fold JJ here, but no way am I getting away from QQ.

If I'm in your shoes, I'm reading the short stack or something that I beat (weak ace, broadway, any pp, etc.) and the reraise as an isolation to be sure that the UTG limper (you) doesn't hang around with suited connectors of mid/low pock pairs. The only two hands that I'm worried about from the big stack is KK, and to a lesser extent, AK (as this is a flip). AA just calls, and encourages you to tag along? Or gets cute with a smaller raise? One way or another, I don't see him holding AA here.

But, the big stack makes this play wih quite a wide variety of hands. AJ's perfectly likely, as is TT, JJ, or even 99 or 88. I think you're way ahaed of the reraiser's range.

I'm sorry that you lost the hand, but I think you played it correctly.

On a side note, I'd recommend just posting the action of a hand (who's raising how much, etc.) and not the outcome (what they were holding, cards that came after the decision, etc.) until later on. I only say this because it tends to bias the analyses.
But then again, I'm a tournament player, so what the hell do I know...
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