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Default From WTF?? to Woo Hoo!! in an hour

So I'm picking back up at FTP, working on clearing my bonus. I've only got about $300 in there, so I'm 4-tabling 10NL.

Where recent weeks have all been about being cold decked or getting sucked out, this session was all about getting good starting hands that don't develop and getting sucked out. I was consistently getting AK, AQ, AJ (many times suited), as well as a lot of medium pairs 66-TT. And each time I raise preflop (usually to around 5-6x), I'd get at least 2 callers. And the board invariably would come out dangerous, and one of them would hit it. I was able to do a lot of damage control, and also got to see a lot of hands going to showdown to see that I would have lost the hands. Like when I had AQ, KT would call and the board flopped a K. So I was losing, but not going busto. At least not yet.

Then came the hand I posted in Donkeys of the Day where my aces got cracked by J4o. That was followed up by a big pot where I had KK and A9o caught running 9's to steal it from me. So now instead of being down around $10 total, I'm down 30+.

The guy that pulled the J4o really ticked me off. He was the worst kind of fish. VP$IP of 82.3, PFR of 2.4, and TA of 0.77. A total wuss that was getting over on me. I was determined to get my money back as he was leaking it to everyone else, but now I was running cold and he'd call down with anything so bluffing was not an option. I was getting frustrated with the day. I hadn't been playing bad, but I was still taking it in the shorts.

Then, as I have long led to believe, patience is rewarded. I doubled up on one table with a set of Jacks. Then I get a set of 6's that knocked off slowplaying AK and QQ for a near triple-up on another table. I'm back into the black on those, so I call it a night there. I dropped the third table close to breakeven, and am still playing with my Gilled Nemesis.

Looking to not get bored with one table, I start scanning the Omaha options. I haven't played PLO at Full Tilt yet. I scan the tables, and come across the 50PLO 6-max tables. All over are average pots of $20+ and 70-85% seeing the flop? Looks like a nut-peddling goldmine to me. So I load $20 on two tables. I win $5 pots first hand on each with two pairs in both hands. Then I sit back and wait, seeing people way overplay relatively weak hands, like bottom two pairs or pocket AA-JJ.

I wait for two orbits on both tables getting nothing. Then I get QJsQ9d on the button. UTG raises to 1.50, and it's called by UTG+1. I call. Flop is AhJdQs. Not bad, but also not great. UTG raises $3, gets called only by UTG+1, and I call. Turn is a magical Qh. UTG raises $6, UTG+1 reraises to $13, and I of course go all in. Both call. River is a blank, and my quad queens crush an ace-high straight and Jacks over queens. I'm up to $63.50. Both players get up and leave, leaving me the big stack by $33.

A couple of shorties ($15 or less) sit in. In the BB I get A6sA2d double suited. Four calls and I raise it to $1.75. Get calls, no reraises. Flop is 6hKs9s. I raise to $1, UTG shoves his last $9.75 in, and that gets a call from one of the shorties. After taking most of my time think about it, I decide to play my stack and bet pot, putting the other guy all in easily. I figure any Ace or spade (that doesn't pair the board) will win it. Turn is the Ah, river is 9d. My Aces full beat Kings full (UTG) and KK99 (the shorty called off his stack with only one pair at the time ). A $34 pot comes my way. I'm up to $97.

On the other table I'm just treading water until in the BB I get A9c and two rags. I check my option and flop a flush. I bet $1, then $3, and $9 on each round as the board doesn't pair get get 3 callers all the way. That's a nice $55 pot taking out pocket AA, trip Jacks, and a flush that had 3c5c in their hand (and no straight flush chance).

I win a few more medium pots on teh first table and get that up to $118 total. I end that session as it's now 0230 and I need some sleep. Table 2 ended with $52.50. Nice profit of $130.50 there.

Oh, and on the HE table, I finally got my fish hooked. We played a lot of HU, and I kept raising and c-betting nonstop and he folded almost all the time. Anytime he called a c-bet I backed down, but limited my losses. I got about $18 of his $21 stack before he got up and left. I ended that session up $6.

What looked to be a disaster ended up rather nice overall. Finally some good news for a change.
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