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Default Big Stacks split the pot again and again ...

Ive just played a 5+0.5$ 50-headed tournament, with the best 5 being payed out. We were at the final table, 6 players left, i was at 5th place with about 10 BB left. The Shortstack had about 5 BB, the other players all had at least 15 BB. It came to the following hand:

Shortstack went All-In, 2 other players called.
Flop came Qh,2s,6s.
One of the other players bet, and i was thinkin "yes, i got the money" cause i knew he had something when he bets. The second players folded.
The Turn and River were 4s, Jc.
The first player showed pocket Queens, the Shortstack had KJs and won the pot with his Flush. My mind just went "Shit shit shit !!! "

So we played on, and exactly 3 hands later one of the Big Stacks went All-In and was called by another Big Stack with almost the same amount of chips, so whoever loose this hand was nearly out. Again, i was thinking "5th place, i got you!".
The players showed A7 and A5.
But, as the Thread Title says, the Board came K 8 2 Q A, and the pot was splitted.
I just thought "oh dear, this cant be true ...".

4 hands later, two of the Big Stacks were involved in a big pot, both of them raising and reraising it on almost any street, so after the river they both were All-In. I was so happy reaching the 5th place finally, but to my consternation they both showed the same cards - pocket queens - and splitted the pot again!

I thought this had to be a joke, this cant be real: 2 split pots in just 5 hands, and each of these pots would have secured the 5th place for me.

But the show went on. The Blinds went up, we played on, still being 6 players at the final table. And exactly 8 hands after the last one, it happened that two big stacks were All-In after the Turn again.
The Flop was 3 4 5, the Turn was a 7.
the first player showed pocket 7, the other one 9 6. I didnt give a damn about who wins this hand, as long as someone would win it. But, as you can imagine, the River didnt like me - it was a 6, splitting the pot another time!
My head felt like a bomb was exploding in it. I couldnt believe it. All i could do was screaming and screaming and screaming.

I havent experience something like that before, and i guess i will never experience it again. At the moment, im just laughing about the whole thing, but in the tournament i wasnt able to believe what was happening.
Btw, i finished 2nd, so after all the story had a happy end for me.
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That wasn't that uncommon, this type of this happens alot.

A5 vs A7 is split pot 27% of the time.

I went all in with the other day and someone called with AJ (I had 10BB, the flop came 486 spades turn was the 5 of spades, and then the river? 7 of spades. I really could have done with that double up and that happened. I think the chances of a split was about 1% before the flop.

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