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Default Im back guys

Heya, to those who don't remember me Im a guy who used to come on here, not give too much advice and advice id give wasnt exactly great. Either way im back.

So where have I been? Lazy actually, forgot my password and too lazy to get it back, finally did though.

So I'd like to share with you guys what Ive been doing, how well im going and would like some feedback on what you guys think.

Whenever I play microstakes I suck and lose, i just dont care about the money so i try to play what i consider low stakes. NL25 on stars i can beat until i get bored, which seems to be my major problem. The only place I've ever actually had success at was PKR. Where I made my $100 depoisit into $600, then i lost $100 and cashed out the full $500 cause i was scared id lose more.

Now ive depoisited another $100 at PKR and am up to $400. Playing NL50 there as they are terrible players.

I want to know what u guys think of these new tournaments ive been playing at PKR. Known as terminator tournaments. Different styles of terminator tournaments too.

For those unaware terminator tournaments are tournaments which a portion of your buy in goes in to a bounty. For some tournaments its 100%. Eg I played a 20 ppl 100% bounty game. Where every game you win 75% of the bounty goes into your pocket and 25% goes onto your head. For instance, after just winning the first heads up game i pocketed $7.50 and my bounty as $12.50. I then vs'd another $12.50 guy. When i beat him i then gained 75% of 12.50 and the remaining then again added to mine.

Long story short i came 6th and made $26. which i didnt think was too bad, there are all sort of terminator tournaments with different percentages.

They seem profitable.
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