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Default 1st Tournament - ITM!

Last night I was on Poker Stars and was frustrated that I couldn't find any loose tables at my $0.25/0.50 limit. So I went to check out the tournaments on Stars and found a Limit Hold 'em Tournament for $15 + $1.50.

54 people wound up competing and you had to make the top 6 to be in the money.

Well, about an hour into it I am absolutely crushing all opponents. I had something like 10000 chips and the next closest had 7000.

Another hour later I was up to 18,000 and the next closest was about 11,000.

So I'm feeling good and get moved to the final table. I caught a bad run of cards , took a bad beat and soon my 18000 was down to 8000 and others had 14-15k. I climbed back up to 11k but lady luck was done being nice to me.

In the end I finished 6th and netted $40 or so from the tourney.

I thought the tourney was really FUN. It was way more intense than the cash games I'm used to. The hands are played faster, the players are much better, but in a way they're somewhat predictable. I ran several successful bluffs (which never seems to work in my cash games), stole the blinds and so on.

I even got check-raised quite often which at the limits I'm used to maybe only 1/3 of people know about check raising. So overall it was a seriously intense experience and afterwards I was drained.

In my poker "career" I've played 985 hands total, almost all of them at the .25/50 Limit on Stars. Maybe I was out of my league in a $15 tournament, but it worked out in the end.
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I thought the tourney was really FUN.

I dont know if you rekindled my first poker winning days with your post but i could feel your excitement.


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gg, next time tid.
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